settle down
Anonymous: you're literally the cutest person i know. 

I’m a potato ://

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i need advice tbh someone message me?

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One day I wanna get inside your head. Like, really deep. Where no ones ever been before.
I wanna know why you don’t like yourself.
I wanna know why you think your evil.
I wanna know why you only see that bad things in you.
I wanna know how your brain works.
I wanna know what you’re thinking.
I wanna know what you need.
I wanna know what really makes you smile.
I wanna know the things that nobody else does.
The things that you’re caught up in.
I wanna know you.

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just some midnight thoughts. x 
YOOOO #green #hair #me #self #selfie #girl

considering remaking my blog and like

going anon

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